Our mission is to democratize private investment and accelerate the development of innovative technologies. We do this by selecting companies with founders who are passionate about their mission, that want to disrupt an industry or create a new one, and that have a data-driven strategy to make it happen.

Why the Mission? A Founders mission sets the cadence and mindset for a company. In order to be successful there should be a clear and powerful mission that everyone can follow.

Why Disruption? Disruption is massive and rapid change that can be difficult to go through but it’s necessary to stay vital. Every business should embrace innovative technology and the disruption that goes along with it.

Why Data? With the explosion of available data, the advanced methods for mining and processing to derive meaningful analysis, it’s now more important than ever that start-ups have a data driven strategy.

Note: Investing in startups is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Please read Know Before You Invest and our FAQs for more information on Regulation Crowdfunding and some of the risks involved in an investment in a crowdfunding offering.

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